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Wendy Goldthorp

The FIT Movement

The FIT Movement was borne out of a passion to educate, encourage and support women to move better and to remain fit, active and optimally healthy through the key stages in their lives.

The FIT Movement specialises in working with:

  • Pregnant women who want to maintain their strength and fitness throughout their trimesters, or are seeking to start a health and fitness program, so they can experience a healthier, more active, pregnancy
  • Women who’ve birthed their baby and now wish to rehabilitate their body to improve abdominal separation / core function and support their postnatal body so that they are strong for motherhood and can get back to all the things they love doing
  • Peri- and menopausal women who want to improve their resilience and up their energy levels so they can better manage the hormonal shifts that are happening (e.g. hot flushes, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain) by applying appropriate exercise, lifestyle and nutrition strategies
  • Women who are experiencing pelvic floor issues (e.g. incontinence and prolapse concerns) and are seeking another way to improve their symptoms through conservative management

All programs offered are based around the 4 integrated principles of The FIT Movement: flex, move, nourish and restore.

You’ll also get me as your health and fitness Sherpa – as well as your biggest cheerleader – to support you throughout.

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I have just finished the [Body Rebalance] program and feel the best I have in years - just brilliant. Not only physically but mentally as well. I have learnt so much about myself, my body and lifestyle choices which can/do impact on positive or negative ways upon my overall well being. It has meant that I had to make quite a lot of changes to my exercise regime, life style and work/life balance. However, Wendy was there to support, encourage and motivate me every step of the way in a non judgemental manner. The way the course has been designed meant changes were gradually introduced. These changes have now become a permanent fixture in my life not some passing phase. In the end I have exceeded my goal of 12lbs weight loss without once feeling hungry. I have also reduced pain relief medication and feel strong and fitter in so many ways - result! If you are willing and motivated to make changes I can't recommended the course enough.


I was experiencing urge incontinence 19 months on from delivering my child, and was irritated and inconvenienced by it when I wanted to spend a day out with my toddler. I began with no expectations except that it would be more than advising Kegel exercises! Without much prior knowledge, I felt I understood how attending to posture and completing the exercises regularly would help me reach my goal. Wendy tailored [the course] to my specific situation and lifestyle, which was really helpful, and the exercises can be done by anyone. I have definitely found that a mixture of the advice provided and the exercises have helped me to manage and pretty much eliminate the problem. I didn't expect to see results so quickly! Of course I could only refer to my experience of this specific course, but Wendy has been a brilliant instructor.

Claire, mum to 19-month old toddler

I started working with Wendy 8 weeks after having my daughter and having not been able to exercise much during my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure where to start. Wendy was amazing at guiding me through what exercises I could do safely at each stage postnatally and gave really helpful nutrition advice. She’s helped me to achieve my goals, fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and regain my previous fitness levels. I’d definitely recommend Wendy’s classes to anyone.


About Wendy – Founder + Director, The FIT Movement

In the space of a few years (3 in fact!) I went from never having run an ultramarathon to competing in Marathon des Sables (156 miles), being pregnant and rehabilitating my postnatal body in order to get back to what I love most (other than my family)… running. I am a volunteer coach with my running club, the Teignbridge Trotters, and cover distances anywhere from 5k, cross country and ultra. I also love lifting heavy things and learning how to move my body in different ways to find out just what it’s capable of.

My “Road to Damascus” moment with women’s health and wellness happened in the midst of all my training for Marathon des Sables, and so ultimately I left my career as a construction lawyer to focus on my passion – educating and supporting other women to succeed in getting in best shape for the key moments in their own lives.

You can learn more about the FIT Movement here.

Qualifications and education include:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Modern Pregnancy Exercise
  • Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription
  • 3rd Age Woman Instructor (Specialist Wellness Coach for “Perimenopausal and Beyond” Females)
  • Diastasis Detective and Your Pelvic Matters (Claire Mockridge)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
  • Leader in Running Fitness (England Athletics)
  • Suspended Movement Instructor
  • Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Instructor
  • Circuit Training and Kettlebells
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor



  • Pregnancy exercise and fitness
  • Postnatal exercise and fitness
  • Peri-to-post menopausal coaching
  • Diastasis healing (abdominal separation)
  • Pelvic floor
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