Gaia Holistic Massage

Gaia Holistic Massage with Danni. Specialises in relaxing massage with the focus on the client’s mental well being. Each massage aims to cater for the emotional and sensory needs of the individual as well as the physical.
Also offers a Deep Tissue massage and specialist hand and foot massages. Each client recieves a professional and friendly service.
About me:
I have a career spanning 12 years, working with individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health needs. I became interested in the link between complementary therapies and good Mental Health. In particular the alieviation of anxiety. .
I trained in Holistic Body Massage at the Devon Academy of Complementary Therapies. I have done some follow up courses in Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Foot and Japanese Hand Massage. I am a member of the Complementary Therapies Association. I’m commited to regularly updating my knowledge with Continued Professional Devolpment.
By merging the knowledge of both of my career paths together, I can give each individual a unique Holistic experience.