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Barefoot Physio brings world class education and international speakers to the South West of the UK, with easy transport links from around the UK.

The clinic, in the heart of Exeter, is situated 5 minutes walk from local affordable hotels, 10 minutes walk from St Davids train station and less than 20 minutes drive from Exeter Airport.

If you have made the investment to attend a course it is not just the content of the course, it is the stimulating discussion, the thought provoking conversations and the people that attend that inspires change in practice.

Lunch is provided at all courses and snacks, tea and coffee are available throughout the day.

Back to Roots – Luke Davies, Paul Mccambridge and Rhys Shorney

SAT 14 SEP &  SUN 15 SEP, 2019 9:00-6:00 PM

A CPD that truly walks it’s own talk.  We are fully aware of the limitations of the “sit and learn” model, so be prepared for a highly interactive, creative, challenging yet highly fun and social CPD.  We don’t just learn more effectively on our CPDs but we breathe the philosophy within the course.

Our back to roots team are passionate about being evidence-guided practitioners, yet there seems to be quite a gap of knowledge in simply knowing about current research and being able to confidently apply it with patients in the clinic.

We are here to help bridge that gap.  We are here to show that the gap is not to be feared but embraced.

  • What is the practitioner’s role in self-active management?  Can we help our patient’s self-manage?  Do we still have a role?  
  • How can we confidently apply graded exposure to physical and psychological challenges? How do we even know where to start, or when to progress or rehabilitate?
  • How can we make rehabilitation a  fun partnership, that is meaningful for the patient but exciting and interesting for all parties?
  • How can we expand their “envelope of function”? What does this even mean?
  • When do we need to “play around”, and when do we need to take a structured approach?  Why “play” is more ” evidence-based” than you may realise and it’s position within rehabilitation? 
  • When and why to play around with “novel movement patterns” – how can we make this relevant?
  • How can we address the biggest problems in rehabilitation: “compliance and adherence”?
  • How can we transform our patients from sensitive to robust, building their capacity for self-manage yet maintain a crucial partnership with you?
  • How to address the “social” in BPS – can you build a tribe?

We will show all this and more, with presentations on pain research and human behaviour psychology.  We aim to show creative practical ways to help patients move in ways that are fun, meaningful and with complete clinical relevance to them.  

Our cpd is the bridge between the research data and the clinical real world.

The back to roots team has worked with an enormous range of people.  Currently our team is working on research projects creating movement workshops for mental health issues & movement disorders all the way up to olympic athletes.  We know that what matters is the person in front of you and you will have the tools to assess, play, be creative and set up structured bps rehabilitation plans for the patient in front of you.

Be prepared to get involved with a new style of cpd.

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Neuroscientific painmodulation by Lars Avemarie

SAT 12 OCT & SUN 13 OCT 2019

Neuroscientific painmodulation is an innovative two-day course focusing on pain research and pain-modulation, with citations of well over 300 scientific peer-review articles, the course represents a much-needed update to the governing theories, narratives, philosophies and world-view that there are in pain management. The course is my attempt to pass on what I have learned by reading modern pain science, neuroscience, rehabilitation research and critical thinking for (approximately) 8-10 years.

Neuroscientific pain modulation is a scientific and principle-based approach to the treatment of diagnoses where the pain is the cardinal symptom, i.e. all diseases and musculoskeletal problems where the pain is the predominant patient complaint.

My mission and goal is to make it easy to stay up to date with current pain research. I believe that all health professionals want to use updated and current research as the basis of their clinical reasoning. They do not wish to pass on myths or debugged knowledge. But I also recognize that it is incredibly difficult and sometimes almost impossible to keep up-to-date with the current research, which is the idea and defining purpose of my work.

As a participant in the course, you can become a member of an exclusive online group. Where you can access additional resources and information, and you have the opportunity to ask questions for both me and colleagues. The goal of online group is also to make it easy and manageable to keep up-to-date with current pain research so that you always use the latest research as the basis of your clinical reasoning.

This course is for anyone working professionally with people in pain like: Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Naprapaths, Osteopaths, MDs, Nurses, and Occupational Therapists.

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